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February 1st, 2022

How to Have an Unforgettable Cyprus Holiday in 2022

It’s a brand-new year – and a brand-new opportunity to build a strong foundation for the remaining 11 months!

Many of us have gone without a holiday the past few years largely due to ever-changing travel requirements and various other difficulties associated with the pandemic. 2 years later though, things have changed for the better, and everyone is getting ready to have the holiday of their lifetime!

Read our tips below on how you and your loved ones can have the ultimate holiday that you will remember for a lifetime.


Find a Luxuriant Environment

The most important aspect of any holiday is the location you choose to base yourself in. Our luxury holiday estates can be found in prime locations throughout the renowned holiday cities of Ayia Napa and Protaras in the serene eastern flank of the island.

Our critically acclaimed, award-winning villas are sure to satisfy even the most discerned traveller, with their meticulously curated interiors, breath-taking views of the Mediterranean’s various shades of azure, and fantastic facilities.


Savour Our Private Chef’s Gastronomy

Guests at SkyPrime Villas are truly treated like royalty! You never have to lift a finger if you don’t want to!

Whether you’re interested in dipping your toes (or rather more appropriately, your taste buds) into the wonderful Cypriot cuisine, or wish to sample gourmet offerings from around the world, simply contact our concierge service and arrange for our deluxe Private Chef experience.

You can enjoy your meal al fresco atop your villas’ starlit roof garden, or from the comfort of your immaculate kitchen.


Enjoy a Private Cruise

What’s a trip to an island paradise without a sun-soaked cruise in the crystalline, turquoise waters of the sea?

You and your loved ones could enjoy an immaculate cruise alongside Cyprus’ Famagusta coast and see the Ayia Napa sea caves and the wider region’s natural marvels from a brand-new viewpoint. All you have to do is contact our dedicated concierge service, who will charter a spectacular cruise for you and all your loved ones!

Enjoy a mid-day delightful cruise or set sail to enjoy the isle of Aphrodite’s stunning sunset. Either way, it will be a holiday moment to remember!

What Are You Waiting For?

SkyPrime Villas are some of the island’s most exclusive holiday villas. Our critically acclaimed holiday estates are in especially high demand over the summer holidays by both tourists and locals alike.

Make sure your year gets off to a good start by booking your summer holidays ahead of time!