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July 27th, 2021

Rent a Private Yacht in Cyprus

Picture this: a perfect, sun-drenched afternoon. The sky is bright blue and clear, the temperature a mild 28°C. You are lying on a lounger by the swimming pool in your SkyPrime Villa’s outdoor garden patio overlooking the Mediterranean. You are soaking in the sun, enjoying the gentle sea breeze tickling your skin, and looking out into the horizon where the water meets the sky – yet something doesn’t feel right.

You wish to relax and connect with your stunning natural surroundings and continue looking out into the sea. You see the waves slowly dancing back and forth onto the shore, then into the endless blue, back towards the horizon – but something is still missing.

The answer is as clear as the weather in Ayia Napa and Protaras – you are a mere observer of your surroundings, sitting on the outside and looking in rather than actively immersing yourself in them. Why limit yourself to sitting on the sidelines when you could be front and centre?

Experience the true meaning of island life – find serenity in its purest form by becoming one with the waves and sailing around Cyprus!

Choose Your Own Adventure

To ensure that our guests can have the exact experience they desire, we offer an impressive selection of motorboats and sailing yachts for an agreeable sum starting at 600 for 4 hours, with each craft excelling in a particular field.

Adrenaline junkies and those keen on living life on the edge should wear their swimming suits and choose the more adventurous power boats and watercraft, like the inflatable Highfield Sport 760 which reaches dazzling speeds and freshens you up with consistent sprays of water as it slices through the waters of the Mediterranean!

Set Sail as the Sun Sets

Guests who travel with their significant other should not miss out on an enchanting sunset cruise, as we charter yachts for as little as €750 for 4 hours.  Cyprus is the island of love after all! How romantic would it be to visit landmarks such as the Aphrodite Rock where the goddess of love herself was born, or the Lovers’ Bridge where romantic memories are made?

Experience the ultimate romantic sunset cruise in one of the following sailing yachts:

  • Princess 61
  • Azimut 42
  • Cranchi 39 Endurance
  • Sea Ray 375
  • Crown Line 32F

Fish for Your Dinner!

Expand your horizons by taking it back to basics: feel the thrill and challenge of fishing for your dinner, all the while building upon an empowering feeling of achievement when a fish finally takes the bait! Partake in an ancient practice that dates back roughly 40,000 years, and enjoy sailing the tranquil waters of Cyprus at a competitive price of €690 for 4 hours.

The excellent weather conditions, clear seas of Cyprus and the Wallcraft Fisher 262 are ideal for an intimate fishing session where you can mentor and pass on your passion for the sport to your friends and family.

Have the Holiday of Your Dreams

The perfect summer holiday awaits you and all of your loved ones. Make memories on board that last a lifetime!

All you have to do is select the SkyPrime villa that best suits your needs, book a stay, and charter a yacht or motorboat through our dedicated charter service!