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February 9th, 2021

Introducing SkyPrime Villas’ New Logo

To celebrate the many exciting months and better days ahead, we at SkyPrime Villas saw fit to unveil our brand-new logo!

Ever-growing and constantly evolving, we decided now was the perfect time for a change in our logo so that we can set a new tone and outline our hopes and aspirations as a brand moving forward.

Out with the Old, In with the New

In the last few years since our launch, SkyPrime Villas has grown beyond our initial vision and evolved into something greater. We felt it would only be appropriate for our logo to evolve and adapt together with our company.

Therefore, we devised a fresh, sleeker logo that we find is more indicative and truly reflective of the smooth, quality experience our clients have come to expect from us and which we constantly deliver during our clients’ stay at our holiday rentals.

Accentuating Our Brand Attributes

Our new design allows for the accentuation of our brand’s attributes.

Our motto here at SkyPrime Villas is what we pride ourselves upon: that through our fully furnished, fully serviced holiday rentals, we provide luxury that you can see and feel. Our latest logo does just that: the Silver Gloss Foil is emblematic of our high-end service, as it is reminiscent of the sheen and gloss of freshly polished furniture, highlighting the immense care and attention to detail our staff incorporates within their service.

Our New Logo

The logo is dominated by the primary colour, Navy Blue and is accompanied by the secondary colours of Light Blue, as well as Gray, the aforementioned Silver Gloss Foil and a Gradient. The Gradient was created on a 45o angle tilt with a Light Blue hue on the left, and a Navy-Blue tint on the right. The emphasis on these various shades of blue symbolises the calming waves of the Mediterranean, visible from many of our SkyPrime Villas and is easily accessible, only a short walk away.

Nevertheless, a sense of continuity between the older and newer iterations of our logo are clearly evident, allowing our loyal clients to instantly recognize us, as we have maintained the use of a darker hue of blue, emphasising the prestige, higher-end experience available to those who opt for a stay at any one of our villas. The new spherical shape incorporated within our logo is also a reference to the globe in our previous logo, maintaining a sense of continuity. However, those with a keen eye for detail will notice the inclusion of a capital S and V, a reference to our name.

We would like to thank our partners and loyal clients for being present in this journey with us. In the upcoming months, we will be updating our online presence with our new logo.