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April 26th, 2021

Holiday Rentals Versus Hotel Stays

When planning a holiday, the first thing that comes to mind is the hotel:

It must be of a certain standard, it must be worth its asking price, and it must be ideally located within close proximity to the attractions you intend on visiting. However, many fail to realise that there are other alternatives to the ‘traditional’ hotel stay.

Although the popularity of hotels is still enduring, it is not unwavering: the holiday rental market has been thriving in recent years. This upward spike in popularity for the holiday rental can be attributed to a recent trend among a younger demographic in sun-soaked, coastal countries in southern Europe, like Spain and Cyprus, that has seen locals renting out seaside villas with close friends over the summer holidays.

Despite the holiday rental becoming a relatively recent trend among such individuals, this phenomenon has been a time-honoured tradition for High-Net-Worth-Individuals of all ages who have been renting out premium properties large enough to accommodate all of their close friends or extended family for decades.

Why are holiday rentals so highly coveted, however? This is exactly what we explore in this blog entry. If you are torn between booking a hotel or opting for a rental for your next holiday, have a look at why many favour holiday rentals over hotel stays :

Take Control of Your Time

When staying at a hotel, guests are often restricted within whatever schedule the hotel management has confined them in.

You can only enter the gym and swimming pool at certain hours of the day and worse yet, hotel housekeeping is almost always intrusive. Guests must therefore plan their days out in accordance with the hotel staff’s schedule. If the swimming pool is only open between 11:00-18:00, guests cannot take that early morning swim they have been dreaming about, which ultimately defeats the purpose of going on holiday in the first place. How are you to enjoy your holiday when you cannot do what you want when you want?

If you opt for a holiday rental, however, you truly become the master of your own time (which is what a holiday is all about, after all).

You decide when you swim in the pool and who you share it with!

Intimate Dining Experiences

Our luxury villas for rent truly offer privacy and serenity that you can only dream of in a hotel, especially when it comes to dining. Enjoying your breakfast can be very difficult in a hotel, especially with noisy crowds of people sharing the same dining hall as you. Rather than creating an environment in which one can relax, this results in an anxiety-inducing experience, as you are placed in an unpleasant, noisy environment in which you have to rush to the breakfast buffet before your favourite breakfast dish is swiped up, which is the complete opposite of what a holiday should be!

At SkyPrime Villas, as part of our concierge holiday support service, we offer various choices of cuisine, including a personal Private Chef Experience with three different menus to choose from:

  • Chef Set Menu
  • Barbeque Night
  • Elite Chef Set Menu

We also offer a Private Buffet served at breakfast, lunch or dinner.

What is more, your Private Chef or Buffet is brought to your villa, providing for a holiday in which the staff aim to accommodate you, not the other way around.

The More Room, The Merrier!

Holidaying with your immediate family can be quite a challenge in any circumstance; especially so when you are constrained to a hotel room with limited space! This is most certainly not the case in a holiday rental, where you can enjoy a barbeque or pool party with those closest to you without getting on each other’s nerves!

Indeed, square footage is one field in which hotels cannot even begin to compete with holiday rentals. Hotel guests are restricted to one room or two at best, whilst those who opt for a holiday rental can enjoy every square foot of the property they are renting, as well as their own garden and swimming pool.

The liberty of having an entire house to yourself also comes with the added benefit of being able to invite all of your close friends and family, allowing you to truly enjoy quality time with those you love and treasure.

Whether you opt for a holiday with close friends, extended, or immediate family, the holiday rental is the right choice when holidaying with others.

Home Away from Home

Apart from a lack of space, there are many other complications that come with a hotel stay. Hotel guests often feel homesick as they miss the everyday amenities in their homes. This is most certainly not the case in a holiday rental, as guests have access to full-size kitchens, dishes to eat out of, washers and dryers, and many other conveniences at any time of the day, a fact which makes one truly feel at home.

Live Your Lifelong Dream of Living It Up!

As children, many of us dreamed of living in a mansion where our every need is attended to by caring staff! Sadly, this is a dream that is rarely realised. Nevertheless, this need not be the case if you book a SkyPrime Villa! Our premium properties can be found throughout the world-renowned holiday resorts of Ayia Napa and Protaras in ideal seaside locations.

Live your dream holiday, only at SkyPrime Villas.