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October 27th, 2022

The Future of the Luxury Holiday Rental Is Here

‘It’s been right in front of you.’ So goes the cliché in every film, song, and book about anyone going on a long journey to find something they are searching for. It is also widely believed that clichés are based partly on truth. This is definitely the case when considering the future of luxury holiday rentals – it is already here at SkyPrime Villas.

A Golden Age

The luxury private rental market has already entered its golden age, with a nearly unprecedented demand in a post-pandemic world in which people have become accustomed to their privacy and own living space. This year has already seen 86% of holidaymakers saying they plan on booking a holiday rental as opposed to a hotel, in addition to an increasing interest by a younger demographic of younger adults who share holiday rentals with friends. When combined with High-Net Worth Individuals of all ages who have always rented large premium properties to house their many friends and close family, the luxury holiday rental market is now booming.

Holiday Rentals Are the New Standard

Hotels tend to restrict guests in terms of what they can do.  Hotel guests are always restricted by schedules and times, with their breakfast, swimming pool, and gym access being limited to certain time windows. This forces guests to plan out their days in accordance with the hotel management’s schedule, not their own, as things as personal as the time they wake up is dictated by the time breakfast is served.

Private rentals are now the new standard for travelers. Holidaymakers now choose holiday rentals in order to take back control of their own time on holiday, and enjoy a more intimate holiday without having to share their space with strangers. Travelers are now seeking for a home away from home.

SkyPrime Villas Exclusives

SkyPrime Villas, however, goes above and beyond to provide guests with the ultimate holiday rental experience. Through our dedicated concierge team, guests can receive assistance for everything they need, ranging from everyday homemaking essentials, car hire and transport, limousine and chauffeur services, spa treatments, catering & event planning, personal shopping, and leisure activities.

High-End Dining

As part of our concierge holiday support service, we also offer various cuisines through our Private Chef Experience which comes with 3 menus: Chef Set, Barbecue, and the Elite Chef Set. Private Buffets are also available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

To best accommodate guests, our Private Chef visits holidaymakers at their villa and prepares their selected meal before their eyes, combining culinary brilliance with visual entertainment. Selected buffets are also delivered to each guest’s villa to ensure a private, premium, and intimate dining experience that can only be had at SkyPrime Villas.

Experience the Future Now

Live an unforgettable experience at SkyPrime Villas, the supreme choice for private holiday rentals in the cities of Ayia Napa and Protaras in the serene and tranquil south-eastern corner of Cyprus. Experience the future of the luxury holiday rental in the present by booking a stay at our premium holiday estates.