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November 30th, 2022

Why Digital Nomads Choose Cyprus and SkyPrime Villas

The island of Cyprus is an excellent tourist destination, offering over 300 days of sunshine, the cleanest beaches in Europe, and an incredibly laid-back pace of life. It is precisely these irresistible incentives that have also served the country incredibly well as a base for digital nomads.

Why SkyPrime Villas?

The cities of Ayia Napa and Protaras in particular are some of the best locations on the island, serving as world-renowned holiday resorts in Cyprus’s eastern region. Our premium holiday rentals can be found in enviable locations throughout the seaside holiday towns.

Seaside Views

Guests can swap the view of polluted, melancholic cityscapes with the heavenly views of a paradise island, the perfect palm-tree-lined backdrop every digital nomad dreams of!

Perfectly located in highly-desirable locations by the sparkling waters of Famagusta, digital nomads delight at the opportunity to enjoy both our opulent villas and the scenic scenery of Cyprus, as well as access to luxurious amenities and services.

When combined with the extremely high-speed internet connection, as well as our staff’s dedication to comfort and privacy, SkyPrime Villas are the ultimate base for the digital nomad.

Crystalline Beaches

Our SkyPrime Villas can be found in dreamy locations, a few minutes away from some of the best beaches in the world. Many of our villas are within walking distance of Blue Flag beaches like Vathia Gonia and Fig Tree Bay, the world-renowned beach immortalised in the eponymous song by Peter Frampton, which was also voted as the world’s third-best beach by TripAdvisor.

Want to dive into the crystal-clear, azure waters of the Mediterranean right after a meeting? This is all possible with a stay at SkyPrime Villas!

Unparalleled Privacy

Privacy is the name of the game at SkyPrime Villas. This creates the perfect work conditions for digital nomads, who enjoy the serenity of our opulent villas, as well as the meticulously designed interiors and facilities available to guests.

High-End Concierge Service

Digital nomads are used to having their privacy. However, at typical rentals, the convenience they crave must be compromised. This is not the case at SkyPrime Villas, offering the best solution for those who want both privacy and comfort.

Our dedicated staff can personally see to it that there is no need for any guest to lift a finger if they so desire, which is perfect for digital nomads who spend much of their time working. Our high-end concierge service includes:

  • Maid Service
  • Personal Chef
  • Car Hire & Transport
  • Personal Shopping

Welcome Home

What are you waiting for? Make SkyPrime Villas your home base whilst staying on the island of Cyprus!