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May 29th, 2020

The Cyprus Summer Season after Covid-19 is Shining

As the world slowly starts to emerge from lockdown, countries are finally beginning to come alive once again. Cyprus looks to a positive outcome after managing the virus very well early on; the country is now in the process of easing restrictions with the end of all restrictions in sight.

Cyprus Response

With the first two cases reported on the 9th of March, the Cypriot government swiftly implemented a lockdown that Cyprus is now emerging out of. The country is optimistic as businesses begin to open up, students return to school, workforce goes back to work, people begin to return to the beach to enjoy the lovely summer weather and Cypriots safely enjoy their coffee in one of the many open-air cafes. Yes, the early sacrifices made by its people, organisations and government paid off and the country now has a summer to look forward to.

Restrictions regarding movement and curfews were removed on the 21st of May, meaning that anyone in Cyprus can now travel anywhere they want, whenever they want. The end to all restrictions is set for the 14th of July.

The swift comprehensive response and the strict adherence to protocols and direction provided by the experts, have had a profound positive effect on the levels of health and safety standards in Cyprus, with the fact not been left unnoticed. Cyprus is recognised as conducting one of the highest rates of testing which has led to an exceptionally low percentage of fatalities.

The Tomorrow of Summer in Cyprus

With plenty of sacrifices made to ensure an enjoyable summer, Cyprus will once again benefit from its casual outside lifestyle, allowing restaurants, bars and cafés to operate in a normal manner while respectfully integrating tactful measures to ensure the health and safety of those on the island.

Cyprus also offers a wide range of outdoor activities that can safely continue to operate, with vast spacious stretches of beaches and mountain ranges that create the ideal location for people to enjoy the summer as they wish. Soaking up the Cypriot sun and enjoying themselves in the Mediterranean Sea, or enjoying the natural beauty, the fresh air and the serenity offered by the countless traditional villages, forests and mountain tops is all for the taking.

With a relaxed yet protected lifestyle on offer, Cyprus is once again looking forward to welcoming its guests from abroad, having set forward measures, that will protect the health and safety of both the travellers and the local population alike, for a mesmerizing, tranquil and carefree summer. Flights are set to commence on the 9th of June. Maintaining this fine balance in Cyprus is as always, a top priority of the local authorities, services and people.

Re-Opening of Airports

The cabinet of Cyprus announced the approval of an action plan to ease restrictions of flights from the 9th of June. The plan will initially allow entry to nationals from 19 countries provided that they will acquire a clean bill of health before flying to Cyprus. The plan includes two phases, June 9th to 19th and June 20th onwards. The 19 countries approved, have been placed into two categories according to their current epidemiological data.

The first category includes the following countries which start from June 9th:

Six more were placed in the second category which opens from June 20th:


Travel with Peace of Mind

Cyprus values equally the safety and health of its citizens and that of the many visiting tourists. Further to ensuring a safe environment, Cyprus is prepared for worst-case scenarios. The government recently announced that in the event of a traveller becoming ill in Cyprus, all costs for testing, medical care and hospital stays will be covered by the government. This financial support from the government is a clear indicator of the confidence placed upon the people and businesses of Cyprus to stay safe.

The travel industry is pleased to see the positive effects the lockdown has had in intercepting and limiting the effects of the pandemic on the island and is now in the unique position of being able to welcome travellers and foreigners for the summer season. With temperatures already reaching 37 degrees Celsius, it smells like summer fun and games and it seems like the perfect time for Cyprus to emerge from the lockdown in style. For discerning individuals and families that look for that bit of extra luxury, exclusivity and peace of mind, renting a private villa will provide the ultimate holiday experience.

Where to Stay for your Cyprus Holiday

A strategically placed luxury villa is protected and secluded yet close to all amenities and attractions. Just a short distance away from the buzzling city centre, this unique combination of feeling private yet not alone, will provide the perfect haven and absolute balance between being social and safe. There is no need to compromise. Enjoy a rich, carefree summery lifestyle with unlimited access to traditional taverns, attractions, parks, peaceful cafes and lavish bars, restaurants as well as clubs. Enjoy tranquil crystal clear waters, water sports, mini-cruises or unforgettable strolls by the beach and mesmerising sunrises and sunsets while basking in the peace, comfort and serenity uniquely provided by your own private luxury serviced villas in Cyprus.

For guests who demand that extra bit of safety, privacy and comfort, a unique blend of VIP concierge services found nowhere else on the island, will cover their every need. From transfers, chauffeured luxury vehicles, running your errands, maids and butlers to spa treatments and private chefs, there is a dedicated hospitality team to assist in making you feel special.

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