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October 21st, 2021

6 Cypriot Gastronomical Delights You Have to Try at SkyPrime Villas

A seamless blend of Levantine, European and Anatolian flavours, Cypriot cuisine will surely delight any guest’s taste palette! Owing to its rich heritage as a cultural crossroads, the island’s traditional gastronomy comprises the very best epicurean offerings of the surrounding regions with a uniquely indigenous twist.

It is this diversity that renders Cyprus’ cuisine a particular highlight for the many travellers who visit the island. It would be a shame to visit Cyprus and not sample its scrumptious cuisine with roots dating all the way back to Ancient Greece!

Guests at our serviced villas in Ayia Napa can enjoy the island’s wealth of gastronomical delights without leaving the privacy of their villa through our Private Chef and Private Buffet Services. If you are interested in experiencing something different and truly becoming acquainted with the country, sampling some of its many specialities is simply a must!

Have a look at the 6 immaculate Cypriot gastronomical delights you have to try at SkyPrime Villas:

Private Buffet


1. Grilled Lountza

Served as a Breakfast Buffet Hot Dish at SkyPrime Villas, lountza is one of the island’s most popular delicacies. This Cypriot variation of the Italian lonza stagniota consists of dried, smoked pork tenderloin soaked in brine and marinated in red wine.

If this description is enough to make your mouth water, imagine tasting it!

2. Pork Afelia

This Wednesday Lunch Buffet special consisting of pork marinated in red wine is a traditional dish believed to trace its roots all the way back to Ancient Greece (it was known as ovelia in antiquity, meaning cooked meat).

3. Pastitsio

A Monday Dinner Buffet special is a cherished layered pasta casserole dish, a Cypriot answer to the Italian lasagne.


Private Chef Experience


4. Grilled Halloumi Served with Pesto Sauce & Arugula Leaves

An excellent choice of starter for the turophile, this dish puts a gourmet spin on the beloved Cypriot cheese.

5. Pork Fillet Served with Commandaria Sauce, Potatoes & Seasonal Vegetables

A main course meal that will satisfy the appetites of bibulous diners, this dish mixes two Cypriot cuisine essentials: pork and Commandaria, the acclaimed Cypriot dessert wine which also happens to be the world’s oldest named wine.

6. Traditional Saraglaki

This traditional dessert is guaranteed to end your meal on a sweet note. Saraglaki (also known as Saragli or Baklava Rolls) features a nutty filling wrapped around a layer of golden, crispy phyllo coated in sweet syrup.

The combination of its heavenly flavour and aroma of cinnamon, lemon and clove result in an incredible sensation!

Have a True Taste of Cyprus

Enhance your holiday experience through an authentic taste of Cyprus! Book a stay at SkyPrime Villas, where you can acquaint yourself with the serene seascapes of Aphrodite’s Island and our high-end Cypriot Culinary Experience through our dedicated world-class concierge service.