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March 24th, 2021

Top 5 Things You NEED to Do Outdoors in Cyprus After Lockdown

The last few months have been rough on everyone. Restrictions, curfews and social distance measures have all taken a toll, especially as we enter our third month of lockdown. Despite their infamy however, lockdown measures in Cyprus seem to be fruitful, and restrictions are set to be eased within the coming days.

With the weather warming up, spring in full swing and a vaccination rollout well underway, many based abroad are eyeing a visit to the island, whilst those already here are eagerly anticipating the complete lifting of measures.

Whichever category you belong to, make sure you plan ahead so you make the most out of the lifting of restrictions! If you are lucky enough to find yourself in Cyprus after lockdown, have a look at our second list of activities we have compiled for you to enjoy either with your friends or solo!

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1) Travel Back in Time by Exploring the Island’s Historic Sites

Cyprus’ well-preserved, numerous archaeological sites can truly make one feel as if they have traveled back in time!

The island nation is one of the oldest in the world, with a long and varied history stretching all the way back to the Prehistoric period. The Greeks, Romans, Crusaders, Venetians, Ottomans and British have all governed the island at one point or another, leaving behind an impressive smorgasbord of ancient and medieval monuments.

Cyprus is home to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the medieval Byzantine Painted Churches in the Troodos Region, the prehistoric Choirokoitia and the ancient Greco-Roman Nea Paphos, where some of the best-preserved Ancient Greek mosaics in the world can be found dating all the way back to 2000 years. Furthermore, the island’s 3rd largest city, Larnaca, is one of the oldest continuously inhabited settlements in the world, with a history spanning over 4000 years.

If you and your friends are history buffs or generally appreciate culture, the following remnants of bygone eras are bound to provide you with hours of entertainment:

  • The Medieval Castles of Larnaca, Limassol, Kolossi and Paphos
  • Hala Sultan Tekke, Larnaca
  • The Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates, Limassol
  • The House of Dionysius, Paphos

2) Dive Right into Cyprus’ Crystal-Clear Waters

Cyprus is known far and wide for its excellent beaches, but here’s a little-known fact many don’t know: some of Cyprus’ most stunning locations can be found underwater!

After all, around 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, meaning that most of our planet is submerged. Why restrict yourself to staying on land when there is so much to discover below the sea’s surface?

In fact, Cyprus is an excellent destination for scuba divers, with stunning sites such as the Zenobia Shipwreck off the coast of Larnaca ranking amongst the Times’ Top 10 shipwreck diving sites in the world!

The island’s various diving sites also accommodate a variety of individuals, with sites for beginners, advanced and intermediate level divers. Whether you wish to dive within an underwater cave complex or simply marvel at submerged Grecian sculptures, spectacular rock formations or marine life, the wide range of diving sites in Cyprus are sure to impress everyone.

Some of the island’s best diving sites neighbour our SkyPrime villas for rent, such as:

  • The Caves, Ayia Napa
  • Green Bay, Protaras
  • The Canyon, Ayia Napa

3) Skim the Surface of the Sea!

What better way to enjoy both sun and sea than water sports?

Although there is so much to discover beneath the sea’s surface, there are also a plethora of activities that one can enjoy on it! Water sports you can enjoy in Cyprus include:

  • Jet skiing
  • Water skiing
  • Speedboating
  • Kayaking
  • Windsurfing

Not only are water sports excellent exercise, but they are also exceptionally beneficial to one’s mental health. This is because the sea’s serenity can reduce our anxiety and stress levels.

The shimmering, crystal-clear seas of Ayia Napa and Protaras, which are only a stone’s throw away from our villas, are ideal for such outdoor activities!

4) Take a Hike!

We never do appreciate the simple things in life until we are no longer able to enjoy them! Prior to lockdown, everyday activities such as walking outdoors were taken for granted and seemed like an extremely time-consuming activity low on thrills. After a few months in lockdown however, the ability to wander outdoors is now seen as a luxury, and many are eagerly anticipating the lifting of restrictions so they can freely walk in nature for as long as they please!

Nature lovers and those who are in desperate need of spending time outdoors will be pleased to know that Cyprus offers plentiful nature trails you can hike! The Profitis Elias – Konnos Nature Trail in Protaras is a particular highlight, as it is easy to traverse and provides hikers with lovely views.

Starting atop a hill by one half of its namesake, the chapel of Profitis Ilias, the route stretches past landmarks such as the captivating Agioi Saranta Cave as well as the chapel of Agios Ioannis, before ultimately coming to an end at the crystalline shores of Konnos Beach between Cape Greco and Protaras.

If you are interested in other locations suitable for hiking within the Famagusta region, the National Forest Park of Cape Greco also offers plenty of routes and scenic sights to hike along.

5) Go on an Off-Road Quad Bike Adventure!

Although Cyprus is renowned for its beaches and carefree lifestyle, the very essence of the island and local culture can be found in the ample, untouched countryside just outside the coastal resorts. If you are looking for an alternate method of exploration that offers a little more high-octane action than hiking, why not rent a quad bike?

Riding a quad bike can allow you and your friends to explore, discover and enjoy sights that are off the beaten path without the exhaustion you would normally experience on foot! In fact, there are plentiful scenic quad bike routes in Cyprus including a safari route from Protaras to Ayia Napa!

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