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November 30th, 2021

A Day at SkyPrime Villas

Being the finest fully serviced luxury villas in Ayia Napa and Protaras, Cyprus, there is no doubt that our critically acclaimed holiday villas are the ultimate opulent haven to call home during your stay in our Mediterranean island.

Due to our meticulous attention to detail and unrivalled service, our villas are the ideal choice for the discerned traveller. It is this desire to provide our clients with the very best experience that motivates us. We want our guests to feel at home without having to endure the burdens and hassle of homemaking. We don’t want you wasting time on trivialities or any other bothersome distractions.

Therefore, our team at SkyPrime Villas has compiled the ultimate schedule for the perfect day at our holiday estates, comprising the very best of what our villas have to offer.

Carefree Morning

What better way to start the day than by waking up and taking in the incredible view of the endless Mediterranean blue? The sea’s enchanting colours are therapeutic, soothing and calming to the mind – the perfect mindset to start your day with.

Descend to the ground floor and head out to the crystalline waters of your private swimming pool. Your rejuvenating and refreshing swim will not only gently wake you up in the most pleasant of ways, but will also leave you with a lingering sense of happiness and satisfaction, the perfect base on which to build the rest of your day.

As you take the Roman steps out of your pool, your swimming session will surely whet your appetite. Not to worry though – you don’t have to lift a finger. Upon your request, our concierge service can arrange for a private breakfast buffet to be delivered straight to your villa.

Meet your friends or family at the outdoor patio, where you can all enjoy our scrumptious and varied buffet – an excellent way to cap off your morning.

Explore Your Stunning Surroundings

After a satisfying breakfast, walk along the coastal path that runs alongside our Vivo Mare Beachfront Villas and discover local natural landmarks like the Sea Caves, the Love Bridge and the Cyclops Cave, as well as the Venetian Monastery of Ayia Napa in the city’s centre.

Lunch Like Royalty

Touring around Ayia Napa and Protaras can keep you occupied for a few hours, by which time you will probably feel like resting. What do you do when you want to enjoy some relaxation and a nice lunch?

Head back to your SkyPrime Villa of course, where you can sample a gourmet spin on Cypriot gastronomy or choose one of many other mouth-watering delicacies courtesy of your very own Private Chef!

Sunset Cruise

As the daylight begins to fade and you start lamenting the end of the day, fret not – for this is when the highlight of the day truly begins! The golden hour is truly magical in Cyprus. In fact, for thousands of years, many have fallen in love with our island’s enchanting sunsets that set the sky ablaze with a burst of almost kaleidoscopic hues of pink, orange, red and purple. What better way to experience these magical moments than at an equally extraordinary location?

Prepare to head outside your villa, past the beach even, to the Mediterranean Sea, one of the most captivating locations. After all, these are the clear, calm and crystalline waves that birthed the ancient goddess Aphrodite off the island’s coast.

Our dedicated concierge team can arrange a private yacht cruise along the Famagusta coast for you and your loved ones, where you can enjoy both the bewitching colour hues of the late afternoon sky and the sunset into the horizon.

This is an unforgettable experience many of our guests note as one of their holiday highlights. You and your loved ones will truly treasure this experience.

An Evening Under the Stars

As you step afoot on the ground again, retreat to your SkyPrime villa. Our holiday estates can be found in the serene eastern corner of the island, a remarkably privileged location that offers both necessary tranquillity and vital amenities. The latter comes with an especially unique and marvellous opportunity – a truly awesome crystal-clear view of the Milkyway’s stars and planets!

Enjoy the view in all its glory by dining al fresco in the outdoor patio and dipping into your villa’s jacuzzi with those closest to you with the universe acting as a natural backdrop.

Guests at the Glory Beachfront Villa can also enjoy the home cinema and the comfort of its leather recliners after their nighttime sauna session.

Don’t Just Dream It. Live It!

Treat yourself to the ultimate luxury holiday in Cyprus by booking a stay at SkyPrime Villas, where you can experience many days in the lap of luxury!