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October 12th, 2020

7 Things to Do During Your Stay in Cyprus


Cyprus is known far and wide as an excellent holiday destination, attracting millions of tourists each year from all corners of the world. Numerous holidaymakers choose to remain within their SkyPrime Villas in Cyprus to enjoy the serenity, calm and luxury available to them and who can blame them?

Everything you need is within grasp in your villa: a private chef ready to prepare a mouth-watering dining experience, pristine, panoramic views from your balcony and such opulent accommodation you will never want to leave.

Although everything you need is within reach, there is so much more to see, feel and experience in Cyprus, especially for travellers who wish to explore their surroundings. Here at SkyPrime Villas, we are always here for you, catering to your every need. Bearing in mind the desires of all our guests, we have compiled a list of activities,  with more to follow soon, for every type of traveller, from the more adventurous visitor to those who value leisure.

Here are 7 special alternatives to lounging in your villa guaranteed to make your trip to Cyprus an unforgettable one:

1) Explore Cape Greco

An extremely captivating headland, Cape Greco is so picturesque it even stunned Hollywood screenwriters who seriously considered it for inclusion within the latest James Bond film, and for good reason.

Designated as a National Forest Park, the area features natural marvels such as the plentiful sea caves so stunning they have been affectionately named ‘Palaces’ by the locals, as well as the Love Bridge, the most romantic spot in the entire island, perfect for watching the sun set into the sea with your significant other. Cyclops Cave is an additional landmark, said to have been home to a family of cyclopes who were stranded after a storm destroyed their ship, as well as Cavos point, a cliff resting atop the peninsula with spectacular views. Moreover, do not forget to visit the white-washed chapel of Agioi Anargyroi overlooking the sea!

You can also find numerous nature trails here, making it a prime location for a seaside hike and immersing yourself in the island’s natural beauty.

2) Savour Cypriot Cuisine

Food is an integral aspect of Cypriot culture. It brings family, friends and strangers together at times of great celebrations, rendering it an extremely important aspect of the Cypriot experience.

Plentiful taverns can offer you a taste of the scrumptious, local cuisine which seamlessly blends the Mediterranean diet with the more exotic flavours of the Near East. Dining at a fish tavern by the sea is highly advised, as you can enjoy the catch of the day and the azure waves adjacent to you. Di Capilla Seaside Stories is a great place to experience this, whilst the Demetrion Family Restaurant by Liopetri Beach, a 10-minute drive from our villas, offers a quainter option.

Alternatively, you can sample some of the island’s finest culinary offerings by opting for a Cypriot meze dining experience at the Traditional Cyprus Tavern Protaras, which comprises of several, small savoury dishes that come together to create a smorgasbord of mouth-watering vegetables, dips, meat and fish.

3) Become Acquainted with the Sea

Discover the true meaning of island life by taking a well-deserved break and relaxing by the sea!

Cyprus is home to some of the world’s best beaches, accumulating a grand total of 63 Blue Flag beaches. 25 of these are within ear-shot of our residencies in Protaras and Ayia Napa. Nissi Beach, Pernera, Landa Beach, Agia Thekla and Makronissos are undoubtedly amongst the island’s finest coastlines. What is more, all beaches neighbour our properties, whilst Vathia Gonia is only a 4-minute walk from our villas. Notably, Big Seven Travel ranked Fig Tree Bay, also in Protaras, as the 3rd out of the 50 best beaches worldwide in 2019, whilst TripAdvisor similarly crowned it the 3rd best beach in Europe in 2011.

White-washed seaside chapels, sandy shores and tiny islets abound the coastline of Ayia Napa and Protaras. Whether you wish to bathe in the cool, clear, crystalline waters or simply wish for the sun to kiss your skin, a trip to the sea is a therapeutic must!

4) Taste the Wine of Kings

If you feel like venturing beyond Ayia Napa and Protaras, you should head out on a Boutique Winery tour. Cyprus is one of the world’s oldest wine-producing nations with a long vineal history dating back millennia. This means that the country has no shortage of good wine!

Commandaria is the most renowned, a sweet dessert wine produced from the white Xinisteri and red Mavro grapes native to our island. One of the world’s oldest wines, it has received acclaim from multiple historical figures throughout the ages. Homer, Hesiod and the Knights Templar have all given their seal of approval, with King Richard the Lionheart proclaiming it the ‘Wine of Kings and the King of Wines’. In fact, an Ottoman sultan is believed to have invaded the island just so that he could taste the wine!

Fortunately, all you have to do if you wish to sample Cypriot wine is visit one of many five-star wineries. Monolithos, Makarounas, Ekfraseis and Hadjiantonas are all boutique wineries lining the southern slopes of Troodos and are awaiting your arrival so you may sample the very best of wines.

5) Embark on a 4×4 Safari Tour

Do you have an appetite for adventure?

Look no further than an off-road experience in the Troodos mountain range, the island’s largest, stretching across central Cyprus to the west, with its peak Mount Olympus standing 1,950 metres tall. No visit to Cyprus is truly complete without a visit to the green heart of the island, a perfect locale for all seasons. Providing shade in the summer and snow in the winter, you would not want to miss it no matter the time of year you are visiting.

Cobblestone streets, medieval monuments and gorgeous lacework are plentiful in Troodos’ multiple villages, as well as stunning countryside, sprawling forests and wildlife like the Cypriot mouflon native only to our island.

6) Visit the Ayia Napa International Sculpture Park

No-one knows their way around a sculpture like the Greeks! Paphos, one of the island’s prominent cities is named after a man whose father fell in love with a sculpture in antiquity. Evidently, art is heavily ingrained within the foundations of Cypriot culture. You can trust that a visit to the Ayia Napa Sculpture Park will be a memorable one for any art-lover.

World-renowned talents such as Tomas Eller, Stefano Sabetta and Jurgen Juen have all contributed sculptures crafted out of Cypriot limestone, brass, metal and ceramic. The Park is located in an enchanting hillside location that offers breath-taking panoramic views of the Mediterranean and marries the modern world with antiquity, boasting an impressive array of art styles ranging from the neo-classical to the modernist. Highlights include the ‘Greek Alphabetic Inscription’, ‘Grow Til Tall’ and ‘Odysseus’.

An ever-expanding project both in terms of scope and content, the Park of Mediterranean Plants, Cacti and Succulents is an extension of the Sculpture Park and displays the diverse plant varieties of the island, ensuring that a visit to the Sculpture Park will satisfy both art enthusiasts and nature lovers.

7) Take a Private Cruise Along the Coast

No visit to an island is complete without a cruise! So why not rent your own private yacht and enjoy a cruise to Cape Greco with your family and friends?

Sailing the sea is an impeccable method of viewing your surroundings like never before. If the Cape’s stunning natural marvels captivate you on land, the view from the glistening waves of the Mediterranean will mesmerize you! The Cape is undoubtedly the place to be and visiting it is a special moment to share with those you love.

Allow the tranquil waves to calm you and your loved ones as you escape into your own personal paradise. You can also bask in the sunshine and perhaps, if you feel more adventurous, take a closer look at the underwater world by diving beneath the surface.

365 Days of Sunshine

Cyprus is an island full of opportunities and activities, ready to welcome any potential visitors all-year-round, a prospect made possible due to the superb weather conditions, hospitality and safe environment prevalent in our nation.

SkyPrime Villas is always here, ready to assist you and ensure that your holiday in Cyprus is the holiday of a lifetime.